I was diagnosed as having Parkinson’s Disease in July 2005. At the time I was devastated but it was something I had to come to terms with in order to move forward.

I remembered my consultant telling me that exercise was especially important for someone with Parkinson’s so, some time after taking early retirement, I enrolled at the gym and later, in October 2010, decided that it would perhaps be more beneficial to have a personal trainer who would have far more knowledge and expertise in understanding my training needs. I spoke with Seb and he agreed to take me onboard. I still see him for my weekly training session – plus (occasionally) attending his exercise (Cardiac Club) class on a Monday.

Having 1 to 1 training (to me) is like having my own private physiotherapist. The session always begins with 10 minutes warm up followed by Seb pulling my leg, quite literally. He pulls and stretches my legs into various positions to stretch all the variable muscles in that part of my body and it is OUCH time!!! (As they say, no pain, no gain). The remainder of the session is spent on weights to strengthen arms and legs, balance exercises, and tummy exercise whilst, in between, there’s a cardio blast too.

A couple of years ago I had to see my physiotherapist and she tested my legs and arms for strength and resistance and my hands/fingers for the same plus gripping. Her words were along the lines of “I don’t know what your trainer has been doing but tell him to keep it up, you are marvellous!” Music to my ears.

So I have taken her advice. I still have my weekly training session with Seb because I am convinced that my heart, lungs and limbs would not be as strong and my body and limbs not as flexible if it wasn’t for him putting me through the cardio vascular exercise along with the weight training.

He is an important contributor to my good health and I will always be grateful to him for that.

Delia B