At the age of 46 I made the decision to do something about my general lethargy and thickening waistline. Having four children and a stressful full-time job that had taken its toll on both my weight and my energy levels, I felt like a middle aged frump and had lost all confidence in myself and in my appearance. With great trepidation I bit the bullet and signed up with Seb for an initial 12 sessions. Seb worked with me on making simple changes to my exercise and eating habits and the results were amazing. I lost 13 inches in those first few months. In total I have lost 21 inches from my target areas and almost 2 and a half stones! I can honestly say this was the best thing that I have ever done. My confidence has soared and I continue to maintain my weight with a mixture of eating sensibly and regular exercise. I would encourage anyone contemplating having a personal trainer to JUST DO IT. If you want a trainer who really cares, who encourages and motivates you when the going gets tough, who pushes you to be the best that you possibly can, then Seb is your man.