Deciding to train with Seb is by far the best decision I have made in my life; I’ve half-heartedly tried many ways to lose weight and have been unsuccessful up until now. I have been overweight ever since primary school and kind of accepted myself as ‘the fat kid’ who acted happy even though I really wasn’t. Unfortunately, in 2010 my mum passed away after being in hospital for over six months – this is when I really started to pile on the weight. I gained over 4 stones by eating through my grief and was far from happy!

I tried many different diets/ weight loss plans and managed to lose a bit but inevitably put it back on. On 1st January 2013 I made the same New Year’s resolution that I usually made, which was to lose weight. I lost 9 lbs in the first week and felt great but then I hit a plateau; I came across SRWFitness and Seb through a friend who recently joined. I nervously emailed him and couldn’t have got a friendlier response and, after arranging a meeting with him, I signed up.

After my first session I could barely walk, and I didn’t know how long I could last! A month in I didn’t feel like I could hack it, the training was hard and the new healthy eating plan was harder. I nearly gave up as I was finding it hard to handle along with other pressures I had; but Seb’s enthusiasm at every session pulled me through. My body got used to the training; even though it was challenging and I started to enjoy every session. Seb’s knowledge is vast. If I get any pains he knows how to stretch it to make it feel better. He manages to push you to your very limit. When you feel like you can’t do any more, he manages to squeeze some more reps or sets out of you!

I’ve really enjoyed the journey along the way. I’ve watched my body transform before my eyes as well as becoming physically fitter and stronger. I like the variety of the training sessions. I don’t think I’ve done the same session twice! I didn’t know that there were so many different exercises to work a particular aspect of the body.

You know you’re in for a tough session when either of the following two things occur: Seb starts the session off with ‘I’ve got a challenge for you!’ or Sheffield United have lost (especially play-off matches!). I have never left a session feeling that I have not worked hard enough or given it my all. Seb is friendly and incredibly motivational which, when added with to his nutritional and training knowledge, delivers the desired results.

I now want to train to become a personal trainer myself so that I can change other people’s lives like Seb has changed mine. I would recommend Seb to anyone that wants to feel as good as I do now – he’s not only my trainer, he’s also my friend.


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