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SRWFitness - Studio One is a group fitness and personal training studio that is commitment to your success! With a friendly and welcoming environment, you will instantly feel at home.


Delivering a personalised touch that will motivate, support, and inspire you, we focus on 3 core areas to deliver success.

MIND - recognising and overcoming obstacles that may sabotage results.

BODY – improve how we nourish the body for health and success.

MOVE – delivering challenging yet enjoyable training sessions that will leave you feeling energised!


Your commitment is key – give 100%, attend consistently, and watch your goals unfold.


Personal Training at SRW Fitness


Goal orientated, bespoke personal training sessions designed specifically to your needs in a 1-2-1 or small group setting. Full or Half hour sessions available at times to suit.

Fitness Class Membership at SRW Fitness


Daily small group classes covering all aspects of your training needs to get you stronger, leaner, toned and energised! A mixture of HIIT, circuits, lifting and fitness classes from as little as £15 per week. 

Reboot and Progress Challenges at SRW Fitness


6 & 8 week challenges designed to set foundations to achieve real results that more importantly maintain them! With weekly check ins, accountability coach, nutritional guidance and much more, you cannot fail to achieve



If you are a current member or a Pay As You Go client click the links below to register to download the app to view our timetable and start scheduling your sessions.

If however, you are new to SRWFitness click here to get in touch so we can take your details and set you up with an account giving you access to our free app.

SRW Fitness App


Becky Before & After - SRW Fitness


I have been training with Seb for a year now. It started off with 1 pt session a week. Every week has been different and challenging in so many different ways. Seb knows how to push you past especially when you think you can’t do anymore as he knows there is always a couple more in the tank. Nothing is ever a silly question and he is always there to answer in a positive. It’s not just about the weight loss with Seb, as he helps with your confidence as he makes you realise that if you put your mind to anything that you are unstoppable. Seb is always there to help you to achieve your goals and helps you to keep accountable for your actions. I would highly recommend having a chat with Seb to see how he can help you like he has helped me. 

- Becky J-


  • I'm really not confident in a gym setting, how is this any different?
    We have created a friendly, welcoming and functional space. Its not banks of equipment its quality over quantity. Everything you do, you will have the guidance of a coach to ensure your working at your best.
  • I'm conscious that my fitness levels are low, will I be able to do the sessions? Will I be the worst one there!?
    All sessions are created with the ability to modify them to suit differing abilities, you will be able to enjoy the session and work to a level that suits you. Everyone is supportive and you will be made to feel welcome by the rest of the group, you’ll feel like you’ve been here for years!
  • Am I tied in to a 12 month contract?
    There is no 12 month contract, you are on a monthly rolling membership, you can downgrade or upgrade your membership easily, the main thing for us is it gives you what you need.
  • How much does it cost?
    We have a couple of training options, this is or class membership and slight variations of Personal Training. All our memberships are a monthly or 4 weekly payment and can be as little as £15/wk depending of your chosen membership.
  • Is there a PAYG option?
    There is a pay as you go option, you can buy single sessions or blocks, these have a 3 month expiry and would cost more individually that if purchased in a membership.
  • Is there parking on site?
    The site has ample parking and its FREE for 2 hours, this will give you plenty of time to train and go and have a nice coffee after.

Owner - Seb Walker

I created SRWFitness back 2007 and after 15 years of basing the business in local gyms in Chesterfield, I decided to create my own bespoke space. Taking all the best bits from over 25 years of experience working in the industry, I created a functional space that give me the tools, and my clients everything they need to succeed.

My vision for Studio One is to be the go-to fitness studio in Chesterfield for health, weight loss, and lifestyle transformations. A non-judgemental environment where you can train with likeminded, friendly people that are all on their own journey, to gain confidence build consistency and be part of something.

Over the years I’ve realised it’s not just about the exercise, in many cases that’s secondary. In reality, my clients come to me for guidance, encouragement, motivation and support, sometimes emotional. Exercise can be a form of therapy and I am always very conscious of the trust my clients put in me.

I love my job and seeing people grow and achieve things they never thought possible is what motivated me to create Studio One.


I can’t wait to meet my next client and help them on their journey, lets get started, it’ll be the best investment in your health and fitness you’ll ever make.





SRW Fitness at Studio One, Chesterfield




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